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Across science—from astrophysics to molecular biology to economics—researchers are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data they are collecting. But, this problem is better viewed as an opportunity since, with the right computing resources and algorithmic tools, scientists might unlock new insights from the swathes of data to carry their field forward.

AI4Science (or artificial intelligence for science) is an initiative at Caltech led by Anima Anandkumar and Yisong Yue that aims to bring together AI researchers with experts from other disciplines to push modern AI tools into every area of science and engineering. Launched in the summer of 2018, the initiative organizes talks, courses, and tutorials aimed at training researchers from across the scientific spectrum in the theory and practice of machine learning algorithms. During the academic year, weekly AI4Science office hours also allow researchers to ask computer scientists for help—hopefully stimulating new interdisciplinary research at Caltech. Additionally, seed grants for researchers applying AI to new applications in the sciences are allocated yearly through the Carver Mead New Adventures Program.


CV4Ecology Summer School

September 17, 2021

CV4Ecology Summer School officially announced!

We are thrilled to announce the call for applicants for the first annual Resnick Sustainability Institute Summer School on Computer Vision Methods for Ecology. This intensive, three-week program will teach applied computer vision methods to senior ecology graduate students and postdocs, and will be hosted at Caltech from August 1-20, 2022. Students will develop hands-on computer vision systems to help answer their own ecological research questions, using their own data. They will receive daily mentorship from a passionate team of computer vision experts with a track record of impact in conservation and sustainability. Each student will be provided with $2500 in cloud credits to facilitate their project development sponsored by Microsoft AI for Earth and Amazon AWS. Our team of instructors will work with applicants leading up to the intensive to curate computer-vision-ready labels for their data that will be used to prototype systems for their research questions during the class. Students will leave the course empowered to build their own computer vision models for ecological applications, and gain skills in problem formulation, dataset curation, model training, model evaluation, and hosting models for inference. Acceptance to the 2022 school will be competitive, we plan to accept only 20 students who will be evaluated on their past work as well as their proposed projects. Applications are due December 1st, and we strongly encourage applicants from minoritized groups in academia.


  • XAI

    September 23, 2021

    Explainable AI Virtual Workshop

    A Caltech Virtual Workshop, a part of the AI4Science Series

  • Wednesdays at Noon

    AI4Science Office Hour

    AI4Science Office Hours are held on an approximately bi-weekly basis during the academic year. Come by and have a casual chat with our volunteers on AI/Science related topics! To receive information about upcoming Office Hours as well as other AI4Science events, subscribe to our mailing list.


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