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Across science—from astrophysics to molecular biology to economics—researchers are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data they are collecting. But, this problem is better viewed as an opportunity since, with the right computing resources and algorithmic tools, scientists might unlock new insights from the swathes of data to carry their field forward.

AI4Science (or artificial intelligence for science) is an initiative at Caltech led by Anima Anandkumar and Yisong Yue that aims to bring together AI researchers with experts from other disciplines to push modern AI tools into every area of science and engineering. Launched in the summer of 2018, the initiative organizes talks, courses, and tutorials aimed at training researchers from across the scientific spectrum in the theory and practice of machine learning algorithms. During the academic year, weekly AI4Science office hours also allow researchers to ask computer scientists for help—hopefully stimulating new interdisciplinary research at Caltech. Additionally, seed grants for researchers applying AI to new applications in the sciences are allocated yearly through the Carver Mead New Adventures Program.


Tracing the roots of AI at Caltech

  • CNS


    Computation & Neural Systems

    John Hopfield, Carver Mead, Richard Feynman

  • 1987

    Neural Information Processing Systems

    Ed Posner, Yaser Abu-Mostafa

  • CNS 30


    Caltech Celebrates 30 Years of its Computation and Neural Systems Option

    Caltech Article


Center for Autonomous Systems and Technologies


Center for Autonomous
Systems and Technologies

Information Science and Technology


Information Science and Technology

Resnick Sustainability Institute


Resnick Sustainability Institute

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